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Hi Patrick! Big fan of your writing here--I've probably shown your recent "shape of polarization" article to three dozen people in addition to my students.

A thought on Trump + Hispanics: you write "A big part of Trump’s near-win in 2020 was his surprising strength among Hispanics—the same group he ranted about ‘bringing drugs, bringing crime’ in his 2016 announcement speech."

I think this might hit on one of Democrats' issues with Hispanic voters in Texas, Florida, and elsewhere. When I interviewed Hispanic leaders in rural Texas for a paper in 2020, they were quick to argue they had nothing in common with the folks coming across the border. They chafed at Democrats who suggested they did, and argued Trump wasn't talking about Hispanics or Tejanos, but about today's immigrants, which they were not.

I haven't seen any numbers on this, but I would love to! And thanks for the work you do.

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