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I actually think this makes sense because liberalism has won pretty much every battle in this century. So a liberal like myself was open to voting for a GOP candidate like Rubio in 2016 because I was turned off by Bernie’s success in the Democratic primary and turned off by Hillary and policy wise I was content with the progress Obama made on issues important to me. Progressives on the other hand will always want a new cause to motivate them while a liberal is happy with the progress we made and isn’t necessarily looking for a new fight. Conservatives have been wrong about pretty much everything in this century and so many have finally understood how awful a president George W Bush was and moderated their political positions accordingly. Trump was actually my ideal candidate on paper but I could never vote for him because it was obvious he was a con man…and he ended up failing to prevent a Chinese bioweapon from being unleashed in America that ended up killing over a million Americans.

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