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The biggest stories of 2023

Facebook an also-ran among today's teens

Democrats' polling denialism won't fix their minority voter problem

Haley rising, but only so much

Courting the UFC vote

Examining Biden’s drop among young and nonwhite voters

How independent voters could upend the New Hampshire's Republican primary

The emerging working-class Republican majority

It's launch day for Party of the People

The New York Times polls show that the multiracial populist GOP has arrived

Biden struggles to mobilize infrequent voters

Does aging make you more conservative?

Pre-order Party of the People for 50% off

Congress enters uncharted territory

How Americans describe their political identities

Redistricting redux

What the working class GOP is and isn't

Not 2012 anymore: voters now think GOP cares about them

Why Trump lost Georgia

Divisive, messy, corrupt, chaos

Is Trump's electoral college advantage fading?

Is the floor falling out on Biden's nonwhite support?

Big shifts in the Republican race post-debate

Another take on the Six Republican Parties

Small towns would like to be excluded from the rural narrative

Racial identity is more fluid than you might think

2022: It all came down to turnout

ChatGPT is getting a major upgrade

Controversy at FiveThirtyEight

A few reactions to the Equis report on Latinos in the 2022 midterms

The big trends driving polarization

Will SCOTUS's Alabama ruling flip the House?

Young people *do* move to the right as they get older

DeSantis resurrection, Pew shifts on generations

The six Republican parties

What Succession gets wrong about politics

Catalist tells us what happened in 2022

How pollsters are modernizing

Black turnout dropped sharply in 2022

The fate of 538, views of abortion by geography

How public polling has changed

What Donald Trump can learn from George W. Bush about winning Hispanic voters

New U.S. Religion Census just dropped

Divvying up Chicago, Blue Wall time bomb

Voters: cut government, just not government programs

Why this extremely viral poll result might not be real

Will GPT-4 kill survey research?

The shape of polarization in America

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2022 election cycle among the most accurate in history for pollsters